Full Care Board

Please call for pricing

Please call us, as special pricing discounts for boarding may apply.


  • Jumping Ring (180 x 200)
  • Olympic Dressage Ring
  • 20 Acre Exercise Paddock
  • Access to trails
  • Tack areas; including heated tack area
  • Secured tack room


  • 14 feet x 14 feet
  • Generous bedding
  • Holding the horse for farm farrier and veterinarian during routine visits
  • Bedding composed of 14 cubic feet of shavings each week
  • For more details about our boarding services and requirements, review our sample board agreement form (in Adobe PDF format)*


  • Horses fed twice daily
  • Up to 6 pounds of 12% protein horse pellets daily at night
  •  (Purina Brand Performance Pellets and oats)
  • Pasture grass - unlimited during spring, summer and fall
  • Hay, combination of grass hay with timothy hay (as available from supplier) fed daily - up to 4 flakes per day

Other services provided

  • Mineral blocks provided
  • Stalls cleaned once per day
  • Labor to feed
  • Water
  • Pasture
  • Daily turn in/turn out
  • Winter blanketing
  • Summer fly mask on/off 


  • All horses must be wormed every month on the farm schedule
  • Vaccinations must be updated during the first quarter of the calendar year
  • All horses' teeth must be floated during the first half of the calendar year
  • We can provide these and other services at additional cost to you