Teaching Philosophy

About the Process

Learning is a process that begins with a foundation. To teach riding, I must first build that foundation, and then, you can add to the foundation, brick by brick to accomplish the students’ goals.

Students learn to not only ride, but the day to day care taking of horses.  Skill building in the areas of learning how to saddle, girth, bridle, and clean the horses feet.  Instruction in basic grooming and feeding is taught.

Those students interested in horse show competition learn how to clip, pull the mane, braid mane and tails, and how to prepare mentally and physically for the experience. 

Students “graduate” as their skill level progresses. Each horse has something different to teach us. Children have opportunities for personal growth and life skills. Horses and sports activities have many lessons for us; when to ask for help, how to be tolerant with ourselves and others when we make a mistake, when to congratulate ourselves and our mounts for improvements. 

At Sunburst, we utilize the knowledge of Alois Podhajsky, Salley Swift, Burt DeNemothy, George H. Morris, Helen Crabtree, Pat Perelli, Clinton Anderson, Richard Shrake and Linda Tellington-Jones. Horses have been with man throughout his history. We are still learning how to better communicate with our equine companions. 

Care is taken to build upon the foundation and practice, and then move to the next step. This harmony between horse and rider then builds confidence for both the horse and the rider. Horse back riding is learning about life lessons. How to have confidence, how to focus, how to work, how to plan. How to treat horses and people kindly, and fairly. Learning how to work hard and how to relax and enjoy ourselves; How to use these principles at home, on the horse trail, at a picnic ride, at the show ring, at home, and at school.  But most of all, we do it for fun! 

Rosemary's Qualifications

 Learn more about Rosemary's Background, qualifications, and experience in all areas of horsemanship, horse keeping, and riding instruction